Tracy - artiste peintre

TRACY (Martine RUE)
artiste peintre



The beautiful region of Normandy, which adopted me a few years ago, has brought the serenity I needed to unleash my inspiration that I draw for the most part from nature. Grasses and weeds, which can be seen in practically all the themes I approach, are my favourite subjects.

Every day I diligently devote myself to my passion with ever-renewed pleasure. Over time, experience has taken priority over theory, avoiding me being enslaved to it, leaving room for spontaneity and freedom of expression in order to create works that are instinctive, often imaginary, and painted in my workshop.

The knife and oil, the potential of which enchant me, have become my essential and unique tools.

Absorbing my impetus, the paste comes to life under the supple and accommodating blade of the knife. My brush-strokes become impatient and alternate with controlled moments. Sometimes a chance movement that looks promising leads me in a new direction. Everything is organized or disorganized in a unique combat where shapes and colours compete with each other, the whole forming a personal writing that is born of the meeting between movement and matter.

I paint what I want, with my doubts and uncertainties, and without the constraints of either having to be faithful in my representation of reality or of following an artistic movement. It is a daily battle, I constantly question myself: all notion of time and space vanish and yet my passion for painting triumphs. The adventure is at the end of the knife.