Tracy - artiste peintre

TRACY (Martine RUE)
artiste peintre

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As an accomplished artist and winner of several prestigious awards, TRACY accustomed us to her rather ethereal yet very present art of landscape painting. She is now becoming autonomous with regards to figurative work, demonstrating a fierce desire for independence vis-à-vis the reality of the tangible world, which she today seeks to exalt.

On the strength of her ample experience of skilfully handling the brush and knife, and of combining beautiful colour blends, Tracy now draws us into her innovative abstract world, harmoniously marrying together the great accomplishments of Abstraction, this movement which has largely dominated Contemporary Art since the beginning of the 20th century and is also the “purpose that differs from the purely formal imitation of nature” described by Hegel in his work Aesthetics.

TRACY’s unique form of abstract art is a dream world, an uncluttered world, and a well constructed world made of finely balanced geometric or tumultuous compositions. It’s a world that sometimes evokes the sublime art of stained glass, as the light emanating from it seems to burst forth from deep inside the piece. It’s a universe that escapes figurative illusionism to give way to a vision of an ideal inner world; a sort of ultimate achievement for the artist. This world of Tracy’s can only astonish and appeal to us.

Francine Bunel-Malras - Art Historian



In just a few years, TRACY (Martine Rue), through exhibiting at many regional salons, won a number of official awards before reaching the formidable yet enriching status of guest of honour.

One has to admit that the visitors to her exhibitions were right to award her prizes so often. With simplicity, and without fastidiously making a show of her research, TRACY undoubtedly captivates those who observe her work. She makes use of her palette knife with surprising virtuosity in her paintings where sumptuous floral compositions dominate, as well as rural sites that have a unquestionable charm for those who like to appreciate the figurative creativity and piquant classicism in her compositions.

TRACY astounds me as an irrepressible, spontaneous artist, who draws from her vitality this ever-increasing energy that transforms modest petals into magic armfuls of rhythm and colour.

Whether it is a bouquet, a patch of undergrowth unearthed from a wayside, or a site battered by the elements, the enchantment is very much present, enhanced by recognisable signs of the different seasons. And all this sparkles and quivers, escaping from the formal and passive frame to create a very unique style through which TRACY effectively surprises and seduces her audience.

André RUELLAN, art critic